UBB has developed the UNITY system as a means to deliver securities information in a timely, efficient and quality manner. UBB’s customers can access their custody forms (credit advices, custody receipts, maturity notices, and verification statements), trade confirmations, Investment Portfolio Reports through UNITY. In addition, all pledging activity can be initiated and controlled on the UNITY site. Any trades from 3rd party brokers can also be entered on UNITY.

Access to UNITY is secure. It can only be accessed through your sign-on information and your identity is authenticated through biometrics utilizing a finger print sensor on the www.ubb.com website. All forms on UNITY can be printed directly; however, they remain on UNITY for your access for seven years.

You control which of your employees can access UNITY information.

are access to Safekeeping Reports (e.g., Safekeeping Credit Advices, Custody Receipts, Maturity Notices, and Statement of Accounts).
is access to view all pledges, request new pledges, and submit pledge substitutions.
is access to the Bond Accounting Reports.
is access to Bond Accounting Export.
is access to the Fed Fund Trade Confirmations.
is access to the Security Trade Confirmations.
is access to submit 3rd party security trades, which were purchased from a different Broker/Dealer other than UBB.
is a user who has access to view other information on your bank users and update their data in case of changes required.